NMG’s services include:

  1. Prop provision in film, TV, Music Videos and digital platforms by free prop supply
  2. ‘Paid for’ Prop Provision in film and in TV
  3. Tracking, evaluation and reporting of brand exposure contained within film and TV productions
  4. Evaluation, modelling and policing of logos and trademarks featured on TV via sponsored events and sports.
  5. Prop provision + Social + Digital + Optimisation

NMG’s proprietary tracking and evaluation system measures all brands appearing within the content of the UK TV marketplace. NMG’s Tracker™ system was the first of its kind within the product placement industry to provide transparency and ROI for client reporting. Constant and continuous evolution of Tracker™ has enabled NMG to provide pertinent and relevant results throughout NMG’s 30 years.

Tracker™ Census
NMG’s Tracker™ Census captures and evaluates brands appearing on TV from any source, providing our clients with a clear understanding of the size of their placement market universe, their share and that of their principal competitors. No other company in this space can provide greater transparency, clarity of performance measurement and evaluation of all prop provisions relative to their competitors.

NMG offers representation packages from complete multi brand corporate deals through to NMG’s Placement Lite – aimed at single or smaller brands, we cut out some of the reporting but maintain 100% on set placement action.

  • Pure – Hollyoaks

  • Fairy – Doctors

  • Samsonite – Billionaire Boy