TV Product Placement

  • Coca Cola and Mad Men

    This is a fantastic example of the guidance NMG has always offered our clients. Free prop supply offers brands great opportunities in TV and Film before clients need to reach for their chequebooks. See also NMG’s award winning work in both Philomena and The Theory of Everything, as well as our superb two minute plus […]

  • NMG is proud to announce we now represent Kazam

    These smart, sexy, streamlined phones and tablets are now available via NMG for placement in British Television and Film and in UK/US and UK/European productions. Please contact or for more information on available products.

  • NMG wins The Royal Mint account

    NMG is thrilled to announce that we now represent The Royal Mint for placement in television and film dramas as well as factual, magazine and reality programming. Royal Mint products can be used to enhance any production, from modern day gifting scenes, e.g. weddings, births and special occasions to coins to commemorate historical events. NMG is also […]

  • Watson

    Sherlock Returns: The Mystery of John Watson’s moustache.

    After a two-year wait and much anticipation,  Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman finally returned to BBC One on New Year’s Day to explain just how Sherlock survived that fall and give some answers (sort of) to one of the greatest ever TV cliffhangers. Twitter erupted with fan’s reaction to the season opener, ‘The Empty Hearse’ […]

  • Trollied Press Release

    Press Release 29 September 2011 Sky One’s ‘Trollied’ – a Product Placement Case Study – To Buy or Not To Buy? Exclusive Data Released today from NMG’s Tracker™ 2011 Database Today NMG’s Chairman John Barnard announced the agency’s latest research: “Following Ofcom’s liberalisation of “paid for” product placement on 28th February 2011, a number of […]

  • Product Placement Will Not Replace Prop Placement

    Advertisers told product placement will not replace prop placement “Paid For” product placement on British TV will not undermine the current system of unpaid prop placement available to brands, according to ITV’s commercial leader Rupert Howell. Taking the US where the practice is well established by way of example, Howell said: “We envisage product placement […]

  • Production News For 2011

    Production News for 2011 The New Year is off to a flying start for NMG with our phones ringing off the hook and the production team working flat out on on behalf of our clients.  An enormous 93 feature films are budgeted and lined up to shoot in the U.K. during 2011. Drama commissioning is also strong […]

  • UK TV Programme International Revenue grows by 9%

    UK TV programme international revenue grows by 9% Despite the recession, in 2009 PACT, the UK Producers’ Trade Association, reports a 9% rise in the international TV sales of UK produced programmes; 3% of which was accounted for by the USA, a notoriously tough market.    These results are particularly significant for NMG who embed […]

  • Evian By Issey Miyake

    Evian By Issey Miyake NMG Product Placement is proud to represent Japanese Designer Issey Miyake’s limited and exclusive edition Evian mineral water. This fashionable bottle is designed to grace the most elegant of tables and is now available in addition to NMG’s existing range of Evian, Volvic and Badoit mineral waters.    To learn more […]

  • Harry Potter, The BBC and Product Placement

    Harry Potter, The BBC and Product Placement    The BBC Trust has ruled that Radio 1’s 2009 Harry Potter Day broke its rules on product prominence. 12 and a half hours of dedicated programming gave 33 plugs to the cinematic release of the film ‘Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince’. The new product […]

  • Edinburgh Television Festival

    Six out of 10 British viewers say they will welcome [paid for] product placement if it means free content or cheaper premium television, with experts predicting the advertising could be worth more than £100m as the economy recovers.

  • Ofcom’s Communication Market Report

    Ofcom’s Communication Market Report Executive Summary The average person spends 3 hours 45 minutes watching TV. “Catch-up TV” usage, such as BBC’s iPlayer, is increasing as consumers use their PCs, smart phones, even Wii machines to watch mainstream TV programmes: “Our consumer research from the first quarter of 2010, shows that 31% of households with […]