• Brand Channel

    How can you ever create a clear division between content and advertising in a world where brands are so important to consumers?” asks John Barnard, Chairman of Pinewood Studios-based NMG Product Placement Click here to read the full article

  • NMG’s 30th Birthday Statistics

    On the 1st July 2014 NMG celebrates its 30th birthday so we thought we’d take the opportunity to look at some other significant figures.   Between June 2013 and June 2014 the team here at NMG has: Looked after 54 individual brands, from FMCG items to luxury goods in accordance with each client’s marketing strategy […]

  • The “Sideways” Effect

    In 2004 the film Sideways had a marked effect on the US wine industry. An offbeat comedy about two friends discontented Miles, and Jack, who take a trip to Santa Barbara wine country: depressed Miles wants to relax whilst Jack wants a fling before he’s hitched. The Sideways characters lauded Pinot Noir at the expense of Merlot. Paul Giamatti’s […]

  • UK Free Prop Supply Product Placement

    UK Free Prop Supply Product Placement “The Results Show” NMG’s Average Client Gains £6+ million Tracker™ Media Value   Introduction   Accountants KPMG’s latest study suggests an increasing and positive future for product placement in the UK.   (See:   Pinewood Studios based NMG Product Placement believes that free prop supply product placement, (“free […]

  • UK “Paid for” TV Product Placement – A viewing snapshot after 18 months. An NMG Product Placement Commentary

    UK “Paid for” TV Product Placement – A viewing snapshot after 18 months An NMG Product Placement Commentary   Background.   On 28th February 2011 Ofcom first permitted paid for product placement in UK commercial TV. Ofcom’s paid for product placement guidelines can be found at Relevant to this viewing study Ofcom’s guidelines include: […]

  • Latest Research Study by NMG Product Placement values UK “Paid for” Product Placement Market Size at £9.7m to £29.1m

    Latest Research Study by NMG Product Placement values UK “Paid for” Product Placement Market Size at £9.7m to £29.1m Exclusive Data Released today from NMG’s Tracker™ 2012 Database “Paid for” product placement began its journey in November 2007 within the EU’s Audiovisual Media Services Directive 2007/65/EC.  This sought to harmonise television practices across Europe. Member […]

  • Understanding the impact of product placement in UK programmes as they export worldwide

    Understanding the impact of product placement in UK programmes as they export worldwide

    With the increasing discussion and opportunity for product placement in UK originated programming – NMG Product Placement has worked with Madigan Cluff/ETS to understand how much additional exposure occurs for a brand when it is placed in a programme as it is exported around the world.

    Many UK programmes are extensively exported – carrying any prop placements which have been included in the production. To demonstrate the large number of countries which see UK production – we analysed some major series for 2010

    The chart above is based on analysis of the schedules of the major free to air stations in each country. It shows:-

    UK productions do make a significant impact on schedules in a variety of markets worldwide

    That a significant proportion of these transmissions are on primetime on major stations

    For the brand which appeared in the programme there will generally be a delay before the show is seen. Although some US series are now playing in Europe within weeks of their US premiere – it generally takes a significant period of time for an individual episode to be purchased by the overseas station and played. Commonly there will be a one/two year lag between original UK showing and the programme being contracted, dubbed and ready to play in the market.

    However it is extremely rare for the visual part of a scripted programme to be altered meaning that whatever was seen in the UK transmission will appear wherever the show plays.

  • ‘TROLLIED’ Product Placement Analysis

    Sky One Programme: ‘TROLLIED’ Product Placement Analysis Series 1 – Broadcast: 4th August – 15th September 2011 A report by NMG Product Placement, Pinewood Studios Authors: Sarah Curran and Chloe Thompson and the NMG Team. Research Overview Sky One’s new comedy series, ‘Trollied’ starring Jane Horrocks was broadcast from 4th August -15th September 2011 with […]

  • Product Placement in the UK: A Progress Report

    Product Placement in the UK: A Progress Report Commissioned by BrandChannel On 9th February 2010 the UK Government announced that paid for product placement would be permitted; Ofcom, the regulator, undertook its consultation and published new guidelines which allow limited and restricted “paid for” placement from 28th February 2011. So four months later what grass […]

  • Press Release 30 June 2011

    Latest NMG Research – Hollyoaks Channel 4/Lime Pictures seek £12m of “paid for” product placement deals Since “paid for” product placement was permitted on 28th February 2011 NMG Product Placement has undertaken a number of research studies. Our goal is to encourage, intelligent, open debate and an exchange of information to encourage the stable, profitable […]

  • The Value Report

    The Value Report Product Placement Evaluation Methodologies Explained and Compared Executive Summary On 28th February “paid for” product placement was allowed in UK television. NMG’s Value Report compares our  evaluation system, Tracker™ 2011 with published references describing the ITV1/Repucom model. Key issues identified are: NMG’s Tracker™ 2011, launched in 1987, is a bespoke product placement […]