About Us

UK, Europe and Hollywood

Teamed with leading US agency, Hollywood Branded, NMG delivers results across the whole spectrum of blockbuster movies, TV shows and music videos whilst delivering additional exposure through social media and creative PR opportunities.

NMG represents more than fifty of the world’s most iconic brands, our working relationship with many of these started in the 1990s.

Many Product Placement agencies claim to be the ‘leading one’, of course they can’t all be, so how do you check this out?

  • Authority – Google any combination of “NMG UK product placement” and it is clear that NMG remains the leading commentator on all product placement issues. When ISBA, The Voice of British Advertisers, issued its Guideline on Product Placement, who did they approach to co-author the document? NMG.

    Transparency – It’s easy to mislead clients in product placement if you do not give them all the facts. NMG tracks all UK placements and can provide Share of Voice data and competitor analysis. Clarity with regard to campaign ROI, target setting and competitor analysis.

    Respect – To find out how NMG has earned its respected position, ask to speak to some of our clients, or talk to influential production industry decision makers who throughout their careers have made NMG their first point of call to put the right products in the hands of the stars.

Our enviable client list is a starry mix of well-known household brands and exclusive luxury goods. From high performance sports cars and ground breaking audio equipment to washing up liquid and consumables we provide a unique ‘one stop shop’ to the entire production industry.

These advertisers all understand that product placement works.

NMG consistently delivers our clients’ prominent exposure in film, television and online according to brand strategy – be that one or two ‘on target’ placements per year or wall-to-wall ubiquity coverage encompassing everything from the soaps and reality through to film.

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NMG is based at Pinewood Studios, Europe’s largest and most comprehensive TV and film production facility, soon to double in size. Pinewood has been home to more than 1,500 movies over 80 years including the latest Star Wars films, James Bond, Marvel’s Doctor Strange, Cinderella, Huntsman and Bridget Jones’ Baby as well as becoming Disney’s permanent European base.

The UK’s creative tax breaks has lead to an increase in the number of blockbuster movies being shot in the UK as well as in the States.  Together with NMG’s US partner, Hollywood Branded, we offer international co-productions a true one-stop shop. The same brands delivered on set wherever filming takes place and a single seamless supply chain.