2016 – Another Great Year for Film

This golden age for the British film and television industries continues to go from strength to strength. 2015 was a record year for film. Six British films were nominated for Oscars® in 2015, and almost 20% of the industry’s major film festival and industry awards for the whole 2014 to 2015 season were for British-made films, the highest since records began.

Stories as diverse as Spectre and Suffragette have won the hearts and minds of audiences across the world while creating jobs and investment at home. Pinewood, NMG’s UK base, have announced a £200 million expansion to double the size of its existing studios adding new stages, workshops and production offices to accommodate growing demand for UK productions.

In January 2016, a record breaking number of feature films were in pre-production. UK, European and US production companies are busy organising shoots here, providing opportunities for every sort of brand imaginable. NMG works with production companies from script development through pre-production and onto set. This year the range of productions is the most exciting we’ve seen yet.

As well as the usual superhero films from Marvel, such as Doctor Strange starring Benedict Cumberbatch, shooting at Pinewood, we are also seeing the more obscure cult comics, such as DC’s ‘Fables’ starting to come to life.

Other productions in development and pre-production range from dark period pieces like Old Boys to modern feel good features such as Animals. There are black comedies like Underdog and Weird which will appeal to teenage audiences, contrasting with the likes of ‘King’ a big-budget Welsh epic to be shot on 35mm. Productions shooting or ready to shoot now include Working Title’s Baby Driver starring Lily James and Kevin Spacey and Michael Fassbender in ‘The Snowman.’

Over in the States NMG’s partner, Hollywood Branded, is working on Grace and Frankie season 3, Ballers, Elementary and Tom Cruise’s Dark Universe
We are also seeing an increase in high quality drama, the much anticipated next series of Sherlock starts shooting soon, and filming starts in Manchester during February to herald the return of Cold Feet to the small screen late 2016. We have counted 29 new dramas this month alone, ‘Uprising,’ ‘The Redman,’ ‘The Woman in White’ and ‘Requiem’ are all set to go.

We predict 2016 will be our busiest yet.

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