NMG Product Placement – Four Decades of Innovation

Market Founder – UK Free prop provision 1984.

Created Tracker™ – The industry’s most respected suite of tools for evaluating product placement.

First Introduced Formalised Brand Integration into magazine format/reality TV programmes.

Hollywood Branded Alliance – Truly bringing together the US and European product placement markets with pro-active, best practice, first on set success.

NMG Product Placement – Authority, Transparency and Respect.

Some examples of NMG’s work via Free Prop


Some examples of NMG’s work in Brand Integration


Our Core Sectors

  • Film Placement

    NMG’s alliances with the top production companies, producers and directors mean we are working with them on behalf of our clients from early pre-production stage.

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  • Television Placement

    NMG works on 90% of all British placeable television, from Waterloo Road to the Woolpack, Dr Who to Doc Martin and Sherlock to Shameless, the list goes on.

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  • Social Placement

    Fictional, documentary and drama productions made for transmission across a wide range of social media are sources of great opportunity for placement.

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Our Operations Base

  • NMG is based at Pinewood Studios, Europe’s largest and most comprehensive TV and film production facility.Pinewood is the regular home to some of the UK’s most successful films and television programmes including; The Weakest Link, Dragons’ Den, My Family and the legendary Bond Franchise.


  • Pinewood Studios